Welcome . . .

Thank you for visiting! The principal purpose of this web site is to create a gathering place for information and communication about the 4000 Building at Williams Island. Perhaps one day, our residents will have a place where their Officers, Board Members, and Building Managment can keep us up to date and provide access to information about our building and it's operation.


4000 - The Blog: From My View . . .

This is Blog about the 4000 Williams Island Building and the Williams Island P.O.A. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. And credible opinions should be based upon fact. When it comes to voting - even in a condo association - it is especially important to have all the facts material to making an objective decision. So this is a place for me to express myself - and for you to do as you choose. Perhaps you might agree, or disagree, or just want to know the answers to the questions I ask. The address is 4000WilliamsIsland.org/blog/


Just One Touch Away on Your Smartphone . . .

If you would like to have one-tap access to the valet, front desk, condo office, or the Concierge, I have made a smartphone app to do just that.

Currently, it is only available for Android (Google) based phones; an app for the iPhone will follow soon, and for the Blackberry hopefully sooner than later.


  • download the scanner app for your Android phone
  • Scan the bar code from the computer screen with your phone to upload and install the app to your phone.